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Stirling Taylor — Dancer

Stirling Taylor

Stirling Taylor was born in Dallas Texas where his passion for the limelight and dance started at a very early age. Learning Salsa, Bachatta, and Merengue from his Latin friends was only a start for the passion that would drive the rest of his future. After high school Stirling moved to Florida to pursue an education in broadcasting journalism at the University of Central Florida, University of South Florida and the University of Carolina at Charlotte. While attending school he was approached at a dance event to be a dance Instructor and fell in love with the world of ballroom and Latin dance. Since than Stirling has won numerous awards for his dancing as well as his talent to teach. He has been recognized as a top instructor for his skill to share his passion and knowledge with his students, gaining them first place at several dance events. Through his years as an instructor Stirling specializes in the ability to transfer the knowledge he possesses to the student or students in a fast fun and easy manner.